Small Business Site Program

STEP 1 - Install Starter Site

In this tutorial, you leverage the work of professional designers and developers to create your small business site by adapting a downloadable template.  If you don’t like the example I used in the video, there are 39 free sites to choose from, and one is bound to fit your needs. See all free starter site choices. To add more touches to your site, follow the optional steps below. 


  1. 0:00 – Introduction
  2. 2:38 – Get Hosting, Install WordPress, Log In to your site
  3. 12:13 – Install Theme, and Plugins
  4. 19:47 – Install Starter Site
  5. 25:00 – Making Changes 
  6. 31:30 – Change Background Photo
  7. 33:45 – Video Background
  8. 35:50 – Email Contact Form

Browse Demo Site

Browse the site used in the video. This site isn't the only option. You can install 39 different sites.


Edit Fonts and Colors

Two important aspects of customization when using starter sites so you stand out.

New Pages and Content

Three additional ways to create new content, including how to use blocks from professional templates.

Header and Footer

Customize the header and footer of your site with this step.

Make a Logo

In this step, you can create a free logo without worrying about trademarks and copyrights.

Security Plugin

Make your business site more secure with the All in One Security Plugin

Terms, Privacy Page

How to use templates to make "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy" pages.