House Cleaning Website Tutorial

House cleaning websites are now available for free so small business owners can take charge of their online presence.  If you have a cleaning business, and you want to increase your reach with your own website, this tutorial is for you.

Creating your own residential and commercial cleaning service website is now within the capabilities of most small business owners.  Website creation has come down price (it’s free) and complexity, and in this tutorial, you will see how easy it is to download an entire cleaning site to your own URL (internet address like “”).

How to Make a Stunning Cleaning Business Website Step By Step Video

This video tutorial will walk you through every step you need to take to create your cleaning business website.  Once you have your site up and running, you can customize it to fit your business’ needs.

Instructions for a Stunning Cleaning Site

The video will walk you through all steps needed to get your cleaning site up and running in record time.  The reason the tutorial is so much shorter than other website tutorial videos is that downloads an entire cleaning site for free, instead of creating one from scratch.  This gives you a huge advantage in time and cost, and your finished cleaning site will look much nicer than if you did it yourself.

1. Get Hosting, Install WordPress

In the first set of steps, you see how to get hosting and install WordPress.  This video demonstrates the exact process, so you don’t need to wonder about any extra steps.  Once you set up hosting and a domain for your site, you can move on to the funner parts of creating your cleaning site.

2. Install Theme and Plugins

In this step of the tutorial, you install a theme, which is essential to the remainder of the tutorial.  A theme controls a lot of your WordPress site, and in this step, you need to get a specific theme called Astra.  Once you have astra, you can install the plugin that will allow you to download an entire cleaning site.  The plugin that is essential to this tutorial is Astra Ready To Import Starter Sites.  With this free theme, and the free starter site plugin, you will be able to install a cleaning site in record time.

3. Install Cleaning Site

If you have made it this far in the tutorial, you will be shocked at how easy installing your cleaning site is from this point forward.  In the video, you will be shown how to pick a small business site for your site, and how to install it.  Thanks to these amazing free resources on the WordPress platform, you now have access to a number of professional designs that will easily impress your customers.

4. Make Changes and Set eMail

Once you install your cleaning site template, you need to change the content in the text boxes to fit your cleaning site’s needs.  After you do that, you can replace the stock photos with your own photos, and you are pretty much done!  The final step is to ensure that you contact form will send you an email when someone fills it out.  If you follow the steps in the video tutorial, you will receive an email whenever someone finds your site and asks to be contacted.

Small Business Program For Cleaning Businesses

This tutorial is part of a larger program for small businesses created by Step By Step WordPress.  If you check out the Small Business Site Creation Program, you will see that this tutorial is part of step 1 for small businesses.  Once you complete step 1 by installing the Cleaning Business Website, you can follow the other steps to customize your site. This tutorial is tailored for small business owners that need to make a professional cleaning website at a low cost.  All of the tools used in the cleaning site tutorial are free.  The only thing you need to pay for is hosting (which you have to pay for with any website).


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